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Thank you BlogSTAR :)

  • 15/10/2010
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This will be my last post for the BlogSTAR competition.

When I registered for the BlogSTAR competition, I thought this should be not very difficult.

Write regular posts and you are right on track – Simple isn’t it?

Challenges and Learning

How easy it is to write using the editor given by the BlogSTAR editor? There was no direct option to add images/videos/hyperlinks. Some of the participants found a way to add images, videos, hyperlinks.

I learnt a lot about myself, my thought process and my writing style. I learnt a lot on how to keep the readers involved, how to write posts that will make a lot of readers happy. After writing few posts, I felt that it was my best post and it was reflected in the reader comments.

I would like to thank the EuroSTAR organizers for conducting such a wonderful competition – BlogSTAR. My thanks to the participants, readers, all those who re-tweeted, commented on my posts.

It was a good learning experience and it was fun.

Here is a list of posts I wrote for this competition:

Magical Testing 


Testing – Questioning – A child can teach you testing 


Why did the tester look both ways while crossing a one way street 


Hi, Please help me 


VISTACON Updates for the EuroSTAR blog readers




One eye on path, one eye on goal


When software stops working


Counterattack elves


Scouting and Testing


Emotions and Testing


Enjoy Testing


I’ll also continue to blog at

You can also find me on Skype (ajay184f), twitter (ajay184f), email ([email protected]), Gtalk (ajay184f).

Till then, good bye and good luck :)

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