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Thank you – EuroSTAR 2010 BlogSTAR

  • 23/10/2010
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20102010 – October 20th 2010 – The Big Day

It was a big day for me. The three finalists of BlogSTAR were announced on that day. After six weeks of posting blogs, reading other blog posts, it was time for the finale.

01.00 a.m London Time – Anxiousness

The three finalists were to be announced at 8 a.m. London time on Oct 20th. I woke up in the middle of night and checked for ‘current time in London’; my mobile phone displayed: ‘01.00 a.m’. I was anxious, excited and could not sleep properly. After few hours, I got ready, took the cab to office, set an alarm for 8 a.m. London time and concentrated on my work.

07.55 a.m London Time – Test of Patience

As the outlook alarm popped, I opened three tabs: ‘twitter’, ‘EuroSTAR Blog home page’ and ‘Current time in London’. Eyes focussed on the monitor screen, finger on the F5 button, I was waiting for 08.00 a.m. There was neither any news on the twitter nor on the Blog home page. It was a test of my patience. :)

08.02 a.m London Time – Excitement

The news first flashed on the twitter. I clicked on the link immediately. The link was : As I write this post, the term ’34rssp6′ is etched in my mind. How can I forget the link. A big competition, a big stage for me.

I’m one of the finalists – Happiness

As the webpage opened, I observed that I was one of the three finalists. Hurray :) I was very happy. I went over to my best friend, asked her to vote for me. And as she voted, I found that Shmuel was with ~65%, myself with 30% and Adam with the rest 5%. Oops, Shmuel had already more votes and with every passing minute, the votes were increasing for Shmuel. I never expected it to be a nail-biting finish. Shmuel was leading with 25+ % votes for the next half an hour. It was lunch time in India and there were very few votes for next one hour.

10.30 a.m London Time – Early Lead

Shmuel was leading at 60%, me following him at 30% and Adam at 10%.

I tweeted, changed my GTalk status, Facebook status and was composing an email to the HR of my company. After ten minutes, HR sent a company wide email about this competition and how the votes can help me win.

10.35 a.m London Time – New Results

I received many emails from my colleagues congratulating me. I refreshed the results page and was shocked to see that I was leading at 65% with Shmuel at 28% and Adam at 7%. Though I was happy with the results, I was aware that it was who finished first at the end that mattered than who started first. I checked the current time in Israel. It was 11.30 a.m and Shmuel had a lot of peak time left to get more votes.

02.30 p.m London Time – Close Competition

Maybe Shmuel’s campaigning had gathered momentum, the new results were :

Ajay – 48%, Shmuel – 40%, Adam – 12% Slowly, Adam was also getting some votes his way.

Everyone in my office wished me luck and left for the day. I was too tense to even go to cafeteria for some snacks and was just refreshing the results page.

03.30 p.m London Time – Shmuel takes a 0.2% lead

Just when I thought that I’d leave for the day, Shmuel was closing in. I had a 15% lead few minutes back. It came down to 12, 10, 08, 07.5, 03 and finally -0.2%. Now this is going to be tough, my colleagues had left for the day and Shmuel had more time left. I re-posted on facebook, pinged most of my contacts, called my friends in U.S.A, Singapore, South Africa and asked them to vote for me.

04.15 p.m – 05.00 p.m London Time – Nervous excitement

Some of my colleagues call me and inform that Shmuel has taken a lead. In India, Cricket is a sport loved by many. I’m a big fan of cricket and have missed many functions just to watch cricket many a times. This was like one of the close encounters shown on Star Cricket.

04.55 p.m London Time – Any last minute Sixers?

I had a lead of 10% and was slightly confident that with ten minutes left, it would be difficult to lose the lead.

05.02 p.m London Time – Dream Come True

The results were announced and thanks to all my well wishers, my friends who voted, my friend’s friends, strangers, I won.

The tweet read: And the EuroSTAR 2010 BlogSTAR is… Congratulations to @ajay184f …

I received a lot of wishes on twitter, facebook, gmail. Thanks to everyone – It was a dream come true. Special thanks to all the participants who made this a tough competition – You would agree with me that the competition was tough and at the same time healthy.

A new group of friends was formed – the BlogSTARGang – Follow them on twitter at

I’m honored and very happy to be the EuroSTAR 2010 BlogSTAR. Watch out this space for more updates from me on EuroSTAR 2010.

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