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The 2013 Community Leaders are Announced

  • 27/03/2013
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Introducing the EuroSTAR Community Leaders

We are very excited to announce the new 2013 EuroSTAR Community Leaders. So what exactly are Community Leaders? Well they are outstanding members of the EuroSTAR Community – passionate about testing, passionate about EuroSTAR and passionate about continuing to build Europe’s biggest software testing Community.

The Leaders are committed to bringing the EuroSTAR Community together wherever and whenever possible, to create opportunities for you to engage and connect. The Community Leaders will be there to listen to what you want from your Community and to ensure that EuroSTAR provides the very things that you seek.

“Like what” you might be saying? Well it could be certain topics that you would likecovered at the conference or through our online webinars, an idea for an eBook that you would like to receive, communicating the latest test news from your city or company, empowering you to organise local meet-ups or small test gatherings – the opportunities are as endless as your ideas!
So, without further ado….Introducing the EuroSTAR Community Leaders…


1: Derk-Jan de Grood

From: Netherlands

About me: I am really into coffee. Love to make the god-shot espresso, Try to master the art of latte-art (see and roast my own beans for ultimate freshness.
In my free time I love to make music. Although I am an not very good in either one of the instruments I play, I occasionally pick up the accordion, the bass guitar or ukelele.
But a lot of my weekly time is reserved for testing. I have a great passion for trying to get more out of testing.This can be on a hands-on level, but very often much is to be gained with a better visibility and business-IT alignment.


2: Shmuel Gershon

From: Israel

About me: I couldn’t make the move from old-style-books to eBooks or Kindle (I tried!).
There are few things I like more than talking about testing and taking notes. One of them is watching movies and singing (occasionally at the same time).
I worked as a programmer for a long time before getting my ‘tester’ badge (still a weekend’s programmer to this day when nobody’s watching).


3: Ard Kramer

From: Netherlands

About me: My greatest fear: to go on holiday without some good books
I never knew, after I left school that testing was so much fun
“Asking the right questions is one of the most important thing a tester must do” and that is why I call myself a Qualisopher


4: Tone Molyneux

From: Norway

About me: Something I can’t live without in the winter time is snowboarding, in summertime swimming and boating in the fjords and when it comes to software testing I cannot do without intuition and lots of gallows humour


5: Peter Morgan

From: UK

About me: Born 1st February 1953, the night a huge storm surge hit the north sea, and over 300 people were killed by this in the East of England (and more than 1800 in The Netherlands)
Has four grown up children, not of whom showed the slightest interest in a career in the software industry. There are an increasing number of EuroSTAR delegates (and even speakers!) younger than his youngest child, year-on-year
Regularly writes book reviews on, primarily on the subjects of Software Testing and History of Science – with more than 60 to his name – check it out


6: Erkki Pӧyhӧnen

From: Finland

About me: Most dear hobbies are singing and landscape photography
Got into a testing role on 1993 by accident, so has a 20-year testing anniversary this year
I have worked on about all possible testing roles


7: Radoslaw Smilgin

From: Poland

About me: Had conceived Facebook-like and iPhone-like products before they were delivered to the market :)
Got into testing via coding: rather average C programmer.
Love defining and creating my own testing tools. Pair wise testing generator, pseudocode generator, data generator, test management tool called TestArena.
In total I have trained over 1000 people.
Projects that I was involved in as a test consultant are worth more than 100.000.000 Euro.


8: Nathalie van Delft

From: Netherlands

About me: Passion and fun; My drive is having passion for what I do, both in my work in testing and in my personal life. Fun is interlinked with passion for me, together they are the ‘motor’ that drive me, besides that I think that passion and fun in your job make you take that extra mile to provide quality in your work.
Noise! I love listening to metal music (especially the Gothenburger band: “in Flames”, so you can image how exited I am that EuroSTAR is taken place there this year!). Whenever I encounter things that miss passion and fun, I pull out the music. I also love playing Guitar Hero on my socks at home
Coffee with loads of sweetness. I love drinking coffee (especially with tasty syrups like ‘gingerbread’ and ‘vanilla’); a coffee break on my own means a peaceful warm moment for myself. Enjoying coffee with others provides a great free-format conferring moment!


9: Zeger van Hese

From: Belgium

About me: I’m Belgian – yes, I come with beer and chocolates
I look both ways when crossing a one-way street
I suffer from (a benign form of) testing analogitis

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