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The Certification Discussion – Are you for or against?

  • 03/05/2013
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A recent discussion on Twitter brought the subject of certification into the spotlight once again and raised a question for the first EuroSTAR Community Poll of 2013:

“Do you believe it’s important to obtain certification as a tester?”

You can cast your vote here.

Rather than focusing on one specific certification program, we’re asking about certification as a broader topic – is it necessary for testers to be certified? Does certification add weight to your CV when applying for your first job in testing or for a new role? If you are interviewing for a software testing vacancy, do you look for certification when evaluating candidates? Is or was certification a must-have at a certain point in your testing career?

If you are vehemently opposed to certification and see it as a waste of time (and money), tell us why below. On the other hand if you have found certification to be a worthwhile investment share your thoughts on why and how you feel you have benefitted from certification.

Here are a few blog posts referenced in recent days:

Where have all the good jobs gone? – Anne-Marie Charrett
An open letter to ISTQB – Keith Klain
Testing Qualifications – Certification revisited – John Stevenson
On the Petition to ISTQB – Cem Kaner
Credentialing in Software Testing: Elaborating on my STPCon Keynote – Cem Kaner
It All Started With…..An ISTQB – Richard Bradshaw
ISTQB or not to be….that is the multiple choice question – Danny Dainton
Thoughts on ISTQB Open Letter – Randy Rice
Against Certification – James Bach
A few thoughts about Certifications – Alex Podelko
Best practice, or just ok practice? – James Christie

Do you agree / disagree with the arguments put forward here or do you have an alternative point of view?

If you would like us to publish your response on the EuroSTAR blog email:[email protected].


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