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The Life of a Software Tester (Summary)

  • 22/06/2018
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  • Posted by Nicola

We all see the ready made package – the software, the app, the site, all of it. But have you ever scratched your head and wondered how was this all made? For those interested, welcome to the club! We actually know a bunch of them, they are brilliant at what they do. But to dig in a bit deeper here is is, in a summarized version.


Learning the Details of the Project

First things first: getting to know the project. Every software tester needs to get familiar with the new project. Whatever it is, the tester needs to plan out the what, the how, the when – you get the drift. 



Coordinating between departments

A software tester deals in her day-to-day work with a lot of coordination tasks. He or she needs to make sure that developers have enough  information in order to fix an error, making sure that designers make use of your collected user feedback and aligning customers’ needs with their company’s strategy. There is a lot of coordination needed.



Fixing Bugs Everyday

During Software testing, there is not a day where there are no bugs. It’s common, it’s normal, deal with it. But in the end, that is the main priority – A software tester’s main job is to locate and report bugs.



Staying on Top of Things

On top of testing, testing and testing is also updating, updating and updating the team. Staying on tops on emails and project updates is crucial. The testers look out for emails from the project manager asking them to run various test cases or tickets. 


Test Reporting

The whole idea behind software testing to figure out the problems or potential problems so that the management can make the informed decision. Testers need to report the test and let the team know what was tested and how the test result is, how many more testes are needed, how much more time


Finishing Up

After a bunch of testing, attending meetings, testing again, bug reporting, test reporting etc, the tester is very close to wrapping things up. They are in close contact with the developers and the manager to make sure everyone is away of this. Then, there is always this one last bug there….


Software testers are the minds behind a working project. We should be more than thankful for their skills!

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