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Support the RisingSTAR Award 2019

The Rising Star Award gives direct support to new testing ideas. The inaugural award took place in 2018 and thank you to each of our Supporters who are already helping the winner, Sanne Visser with her Blockchain Framework idea.

We are now accepting entries for 2019 and would like to invite you to be a Supporter.

As a Supporter I will: 

  • Read the final entries & vote for my preferred testing idea.
  • Offer (up to) half day of mentorship to help the winner further their idea.
  • Contribute a €50 towards a bursary for the winner.

Why be a Supporter?

  • Support new ideas and help shape the future of the testing industry
  • Help a new idea become of real value to the wider testing community

If this sounds great and you are happy to continue supporting the RisingSTAR Award then please may we ask you to confirm by submitting your €50 payment to the prize bursary.



If you want time to think about it, we’ll be in touch again in a few weeks – OR – If you’d like to turn down your invitation now, please tell us and we’ll take you off the list.

Supporter Acknowledgment

  • As a RisingSTAR Supporter, we will display your photo and me on our RisingSTAR Supporters page so potential entrants can see who will be mentoring them to develop their testing idea. We will also publicly acknowledge our supporters throughout the year.
  • Should you prefer to remain anonymous, please just let us know and we will ensure we do not include you on the page.