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Tips for Conference Attendees – 1st Time Delegates

  • 26/10/2017
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  • Posted by Ronan

Attending a Conference for the first time can be a daunting endeavour…especially if it is a large Conference. You are going to a new place, not sure where to turn, who to talk to. Well the good news is that we are here to help. Here are some tips for attending conferences. 

This post is a guide for you on how best to experience a new Conference especially if it is your first. 


Some General Tips

First of all, you will only get out of a Conference what you put into it. That suggestion means that if you just want to attend sessions and not experience everything else a Conference has to offer, that is what you will get from it. To truly experience all a Conference has to offer, you have to be bold, go out there and meet and get involved.


Plan Your Sessions

Before you attend the Conference, plan the sessions that you want to see. Create a timetable for yourself. Note the room numbers as well. Creating a personalised timetable means that you are not wasting time at the event deciding what talks to go to and making a bad decision. Also you should create a checklist for the event. 


Don’t Stick With Your Friends

Yes that is right. The COnference is a perfect place for you to branch out and meet new people. You are going to this conference because this is a subject area that you work in or are interested in. Guess what? The same applies for every other delegate. They have the same problems, some of the same experiences and lots of common ground that you share with them. This is one way to meet others in this unique situation. 


Take A Break

Take some time out. It can be a lot of learning if you are attending 8 or 9 sessions in a row. Take some time out. Refresh yourself. Grab a coffee or tea and soak in the atmosphere.




Fringe Events 

Many Conferences have fringe events that are not part of the main programme. Make sure to look out for these. These might include breakout sessions, soapbox sessions and lunchtime talks. They might not be featured on programme so make sure to ask the event organisers what is going on.


Participate on Social Media

If you are not comfortable introducing yourself to people, social media is a great way to interact with other attendees at the Conference. Most conferences these days have their own hashtag. Find out what it is and get on Twitter. You’ll find some excellent resources there. You might find people tweeting takeaways from other talks, shout-out requests to meet with help on a particular topic or people just looking to join with others for dinner. 


Find A 1st Timer Session 

One way to help you on this journey of navigating through a large Conference is to find a new delegate session that you can attend. You get wise words from experienced delegates with advice from them on how to get the best from the event. At EuroSTAR we have such an event.

The 1st Timer session will be held in the Huddle at the Conference at 15:00 on Tuesday 7th November. If you are a new delegate this will be the place to get all the information you need. 


I hope these tips for attending conferences helped and will be of use to you attending your next or first event.

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