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Tips for Submitting to a Testing Conference

  • 12/01/2018
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  • Posted by Ronan

Trying to think up new ideas to submit for a speaking place at a testing conference can be difficult. It can be hard to figure out what you want to say never mind what the Conference organisers want to hear. Submitting to a testing conference can sometime be a daunting task but there are those that have done it before that can offer some advice on how best to submit. 

So here are a few tips from those that are experienced in speaking at testing conferences and what they would suggest you do to be successfully accepted to speak at a Conference.


Use Your Own Experience

Everyone has a story that they can tell that they have experienced” | Kristoffer Nordstrom

Any submission starts with an idea. Rather than basing that idea on an abstract part of testing or something that you do not have experience of,  base your talk on your own experience. Real life experiences are always highly valued as there is a story there. You might have been challenged by a problem or process. How did you tackle it? How did you overcome it? These are real life lessons that testers always want to hear. As this year’s Chair Rikard Edgren notes, you do not have to create a new concept: “just tell your experience, your story about something you did and it will be interesting”.


Think About The Audience

“Don’t think about necessarily you’re trying to say but what the audience can take away” | Rob Lambert

When creating a submission you should think about who is your audience is. You are you aiming the talk at. Is it for test managers, for test engineers or general audience. Think about these factors and put yourself in their shoes. What would they want from your talk? Make sure to include key takeaways in your submission that the audience can apply. 

Lightning Strikes Zeger Van Hese submitting to a testing conference

Write A Great Abstract

Learn how to write a short, selling, abstract“| Kristoffer Nordstrom

Writing a great abstract is easier said than done but practise can really help. Work on your submission. One tip is to get your co-workers, manager, friends to read it. Don’t show them the title and ask them to tell you what they think the talk is about. Is it what you are trying to say? The submission is judged on the abstract. Make sure to get your main message across, mention takeaways. The one thing about your submission to remember is that you have only have to work on your submission. If your talk is accepted you still have another 6 months to complete the talk. 


Lightning Strikes Michael Bolton submitting to speak at testing conference

Don’t Forget the Title

“You must stand out” | Rik Marselis

A snappy title can go a long way. When the reviewers look through submissions, there are many to look through. A snappy title that has the substance in the abstract will really help in you getting on a testing Conference programme. 

Paul Gerrard speaking submitting to speak at testing conference

Go For It!

When you least expect to get accepted, it happens” | Jurian Van De Laar

You might be put off by the high number of submissions or the fact that EuroSTAR is Europe’s largest software testing Conference but that should not deter you. You will never know if your idea could make it on the EuroSTAR programme unless you try. You have nothing to loose.

Submit Your Idea


Watch what some testing experts have to say about submitting to a Conference



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