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Title based selection: a new technique

  • 12/05/2011
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“pursuing quality and why you will never catch it” by Dorothoy Graham

There should be an asymptote because then “you will never catch it” if my first visualisation of this title, just as perfection never will be reached.

To catch quality is an everlasting challenge because you are working with people and people are always making interpretations therefore the ultimate quality never can be reached. People also never reach their perfection and mastery. I found an interesting poem on this subject of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, titled “A psalm of life”:

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each tomorrow
Find us farther than today

“Houston we have a problem”.  by Rien van Vugt

Will testers be in big problems during this presentation? Do we need extra oxygen at the end of this presentation?

Or will Whitney Houston be present in the room to sort us out with all the problems we have?

Boot Camp And Beyond” by Jacky McDougall

And one, two, three, fore, get your laptop, put it up in the air and make 34 push ups, pressing alt-crtl-del.

Or is about a Camp in the bush where you have to test on your boots, a familiar situation for testers: we are there to clean up the sh** that developers have left for us and then we are the lucky guys who can tell that the software has to many risks to use..

Let’s hope that we learn to run fast in the boot camp so we can run for it after bringing the news, that will be probably the ‘beyond’

“testing euro: changeover- too big to fail” by Raivo Päts

This seems to be a very long time ago, the good old times when the world wasn’t complex as it is now or am I dreaming? I found it an interesting time testing the Euro conversion, especially when a colleague tester said, “I did just some testing and you don’t mind that at a test case I lost one Eurocent”. I really couldn’t believe what he was saying, keeping in mind those million of transactions. “Can these Eurocents be put in my bank account”; I asked my boss…

“Fear: psychology in the pursuit of quality” by Rik Marselis

“Fear gives us bad advice” is my first reaction, it makes us passive and reluctant. So how can fear help us doing our job? But I did found a great qualisofic quote about this subject: “truth can overcome the ghost of fear” so let’s hope Rik will tell us all about the truth

“Test data management and project quality go hand in hand”by Kristian Fischer

In Rotterdam ‘hand in hand (comrades) ‘ is the song of the Feyenoord legion. To translate this to this presentation: it all about the club; they must be aware of the importance of good test data and how to manage it. Interesting because it is my experience indeed that test data don’t get the attention and a lot of time is waste because of the lack of good data. I look forward to an interesting video’s of my favourite football club

“happiness as quality measurement” by Jeroen de Cock

This must be wisdom from the east where we all get to know how it works with Ying and Yang, two new testers from that region. And they will tell you that the search for quality is all about the way and not about the result: go with the flow until you’ll find utter happiness

“how to create good testers” by Susan Windsor

The first image which pops up are modern times of Charlie Chaplin. How can we create good testers? Isn’t it the tester his own responsibility to become a good tester? You can’t create good testers, testers make themselves great. So presenter if I am at your presentation be aware of some critical questions (or I maybe cool down after reading your abstract)

The second thing that pops is mind is “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. You are going tell us how to create Alpha and Beta testers, and probably Ypsilons as monkey testers?

“implementing change: methods+people+processes” by Torben Hoelgaard,

If miss something and I know where to find it: in my Qualisofic book “from Plato to Pluto, lessons in qualisophy” .

What does it tells us?

Implementation change is all about Vision + skills + stimuli + means + plan of change

So speaker what is the source of your statement? And this Qualisopher will challenge you as a good Socrate, asking you questions over and over again

“Mind maps as part of the agile testing process” by Martin Mussmann

Mind maps are also used in a traditional testing processes. This can be interesting! The method was taught to me at a course ‘spontaneous presentation’ and it is all about association. And association that is what all this blog is about.

“About testers and garbage men” by Stefaan Luckermans

First reaction; sounds cheap that tester have to clean up the mess that others have produced. But do testers really clean up? I think that testers make others aware of the garbage and will wait for others to clean it up. I don’t agree testers are garbage men. If they do their job properly they prevent production of garbage which benefits sustainability.

The next step and blogs, I will be looking really in at the content of all the presentations. So Speaker don’t be disappointed yet, your time is still to come and don’t be too hard on me, this blog was just about associations.

Ps It was very nice meeting the EuroSTAR ladies at the Dutch TestNet spring event. Thank you for being there!

And thanks to my wife and Joep Lobee helping me with this blog

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