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Trend in testing: use your tools AND your brains

  • 30/08/2013
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In the last decades companies started to realise how important it is to test before going live with websites, payment systems or other software that might cause major damage in case it doesn’t contain the right quality. We all know that by now, right?

Questioning testing in general is an issue, but also the way we do it is. With constraints on time, money and quality, testing organizations should question continuously how testing is done. The strategy is one, but also what organization is needed and which tools should be used to support all this. Do you question your testing organization regularly? Do you think about ways to improve and innovate? Do you question which tools could be useful? If Roger Federer wouldn’t use the improved and innovated tennis gear continuously, do you think he would have been able to be ranked in the top 5 of the world for more than 10 years?

Organizations think about how to organize testing in the beginning of a project or process. However, the world around us evolves and it is important to innovate the way of working to benefit from that world.

Continuous business justification

On one of my recent assignments I had the opportunity to review the test organization and the way testing has been done. Questions such as “Why do we have 14 test engineers,” were answered with “Because that’s how we’ve always done it.” It turned out that the organization could do with only 7 test engineers and 1 coordinator by simply taking a look at the assignment and the responsibilities each team member should have. Of course when you start a new test organization you think about how to organize it and justify the need of – for example – 40 test professionals. But if you still need 40 test professionals for the same work being done after 2 years, than probably something is wrong. You need to think of ways how to work better, faster, more efficiently constantly or otherwise there is probably someone out there who does. Test automation is one of the ways to accomplish this.

Test automation

One of the major trends within testing is the use of tooling, test automation tooling especially. In this period of time there are tools available to plan testing, design test cases straight from business models, execute test cases and many more tools to make life easier for all of us. For example: in case you have Microsoft Visio models in your organization which describes the business flows. Why would you try to extract test cases from these models while there is a tool available which derives test cases directly from these models? It might be costly to use such a tool in case of single use, but in case of multiple cycles it is definitely worth at least considering it!
In case you are executing manual test cases and you think “I wish this could be automated” it probably CAN be automated! Just ask around within your network or search for relevant test consultants.


There are many tools available on the market to help to our work better and faster, but that is only possible under certain circumstances. Tools are very valuable if you know how to use these and in which situation. That is where the brains come in handy. Use your brains to see what test organization is suitable for your company and use the right tools to support all of this. Together with the right training, experience and research this should be the basis for your test organization.

Remember: Evaluate the way you organize testing on a regular basis so you can keep up the continuous business justification.


ivo ten kate_100x100Ivo is an enthusiastic and driven test professional with almost 6 years of experience. He likes to work within testing because he can bring the quality to a higher level which gives him energy and the possibility to show his analytical skills. He started as a test engineer and has had different roles since then such as test analyst, test coordinator and test manager.
Ivo worked on projects in different business areas like Banking, Telecom and Social Security.

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