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Tune in for STARonline on 16th May

  • 26/04/2012
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There has been great excitement generated by the forthcoming STAR online Virtual Conference [link:], now just under 3 weeks away, and I would encourage you to join this event. From the program, it looks both packed, and innovative, as we have come to expect from ‘the team’.

Future planned events in the same series include a ‘world premier’ for EuroSTAR, the first ever virtual conference featuring the departed, with Brett Gonzales able to once again share his unique insights and experience with those in the testing community. Negotiations for this are at an advanced stage. It is hoped that the technology will work, but understandably, there could be some connection problems.

This is scheduled for July 37th, at 42:97, which for some may prove a little problematical. Brett claims that he is now outside of date and time, so sorting these minor details is proving a little difficult. When the date/time was agreed, it seemed churlish to ask in what year [in Brett’s own – new – numbering system] he thought the event was to happen, especially as there was interference on the line.

However, it is possible that everything will be available before the arranged time, and even though the broadcast is live (or ‘dead’), all four talks will be output simultaneously, with the last 5 minutes of each session featuring Brett’s answers to the questions that you were about to ask (but did not need to). Copies of the slides will be downloaded to those who Brett thinks would benefit, including full log-in details, so keep a keen watch on your electronic doormat for the invitation. Further details can be found on 


The four topics being covered by Brett are as follows

Spatial Antigation on Mobile Platforms

Virtual Virtualization

Clouds, Clouds and Cloud-Cuckoo-Land

and most intriguingly

Testing from Afar


This promises to be Brett Ignatius Gonzales at his best, and what we have all come to expect from this testing master. If anyone should miss this tour-de-force from this doyen of our industry, you will still be able to catch STARonline on May 16th [link:]

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