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The ultimate agile experience by Ard Kramer

  • 03/10/2010
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I have the pleasure of coaching a new colleague on his first test job. He works hard on his project, where a data warehouse is being build with all kinds of external data input. The data in the data warehouse will be send to multiple applications. Quite complicated.

To me, coaching is fun, because it is often the start of interesting discussions about testing.   As a coach you must remember that coaching is never a one way street! There is always something to learn from each other.

A few weeks ago my colleague was explaining the quality approach of the project and it became clear to me that the basic test principles, such as ‘trias politica’ were covered. He told me that the team was working close together and that they even changed roles during different ‘phases’. The phases seemed more like ‘sprints’ to me.


Then I saw the light: ‘working close together’, ‘deliverance in sprints’, ‘changing roles’. Eureka: you are working agile! His reaction was: ‘if you say so, we’re just having fun’.

So no more discussions about methods and so on, “Just do it” that is the ultimate agile experience.

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