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Upcoming EuroSTAR Webinar: Critical Thinking Skills for Testers

  • 07/03/2011
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Susan believes Critical Thinking is one of the most valuable skills that every tester needs to do their job, and yet it’s rarely taught in the workplace. This webinar will really get you thinking about how you naturally interpret the information you receive, whether that be via reading newspapers/documents/etc or listening to what other people say.

Why Attend?

• Improve your ability to collect, analyse and correctly interpret information
• Learn to spot “gaps” in other peoples arguments
• Incorporate Critical Thinking into a process you can always apply
• Join us on 14th April at 10am GMT for what promises to be a great presentation. Register here.

Susan is the Managing Director of WMHL Consulting Ltd. in the UK, delivering strategic testing consulting services and a Director of Aqastra, retraining business administration staff to become acceptance testers.  Prior to setting up her own business, Susan managed the Testing Service business for IBM.  Susan has spoken at many industry conferences in the past, including EuroSTAR, SQSTest in London, Softest in Ireland, SIGIST in London and Expo08 in Madrid.

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