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VideoSTAR – Win a Speaking Slot at EuroSTAR 2010

  • 05/02/2010
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Win yourself a speaking slot at EuroSTAR 2010 – Convince the testing community that we want to hear you speak!

The ‘traditional’ call for papers for EuroSTAR 2010 is now open, closing date March 5th, 2010. This year we are introducing a new and exciting way of getting yourself a place on the conference programme – become a movie star!!

This is a call for video’s… we want you to make a short video telling us why you should speak at this years conference. We don’t decide the winner, the testing community does!

Don’t go hiring a Hollywood studio for a month, remember it’s content that matters when it comes to video. So get out your home camcorder, or even your phone, and start shooting! Remember, videos only need to be between 60 and 90 seconds long. To show you how simple it is, here’s Kevin with his entry (no, we don’t take him seriously either…!)

There are no rules as such, but we may discount some video’s if we don’t feel the content is appropriate. Otherwise the video contenders will appear on the EuroSTAR web site on March 29thalong with a simple poll, and the video that gets the most votes wins a speaking slot at the conference.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never spoken before, or if you’ve already submitted 20 proposals through the traditional call for papers channel, or if you’re a test tool vendor, or if you want to talk about something ‘related to/relevant to’ testing, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a sales or marketing guy/gal. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve already been selected to speak through the normal channels, the normal limits on number of speakers from a company/country/on a topic, do not apply.

If you can get the votes, then we will make you a STAR.

We want to create a real internet STAR, so the winner, as well as featuring on will also get some airtime on our Facebook page, and be awarded a 45min speaking slot at the 2010 conference. Yes really!

So what do you need to do?

1. Put your Steven Spielberg hat on, and decide on the content of your video
2. Make the video
3. Upload the video to and send the URL to[email protected] (don’t send the video directly to us as it’ll probably kill our email server)
4. Closing date for entries is Friday March 26th 2010 (Yep, a whole 3 weeks later than the normal submission deadline – just so you don’t get distracted!!)
5. Once VideoSTAR The Competition launches on on Monday 29thMarch, you need to contact your testing colleagues, boss, friends, customers, accountant, postman, dog or just about anybody who will vote for your video. You must do the canvassing, and it’s really simple, most votes wins!
6. After that keep an eye on the online poll and you’ll be able to see exactly how your entry is doing.
7. Voting closes at Midday CET on April 16th and winner will be announced!

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