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VISTACON Updates for the EuroSTAR Blog Readers by Ajay Balamurugadas

  • 22/09/2010
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Second Day at VISTACon 2010 [Vietnam International Software Testing And Automation Conference]

Date: 21st September, 2010.

Venue: White Palace Convention, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The day started with an official opening ceremony by Hung Q. Nguyen, Chairman/CEO, LogiGear.

My best wishes to the organizers for organizing future conferences.

Keynote Speaker

The Future of Testing by BJ Rollison, Principal Test Architect at Microsoft.

He highlighted how the technology has changed over the years and how rapidly, the customer expectations have grown. The need for ‘Personally adaptive software’ has increased tremendously.

Some of the future challenges according to BJ Rollison were:

• New talent and ‘brain drain’
• Test matrix explosion
• Software complexity
• Automation
• Dev/Test collaboration
• Meaningful
• Testing in production (TiP)
• Closer customer connection and
• Maturation of the profession.

The detailed schedule of the track sessions can be found here:

I attended the sessions by Michael Hackett, Jimmy Uen, BJ Rollison and Hung Q. Nguyen.

Assess your way to a higher performance organization

Michael highlighted how assessment is necessary and how it would help the organization. At the same time, he warned the audience about the failure of the process if:

• No executive sponsorship
• No measurement program built
• No tools to support change
• Risk averse culture
• The exercise is an effort to blame testing for project-wide failures
• No commitment about the goal of testing
• No understanding of testing or quality assurance across the product team
• Lack of responsibility for quality


Other benefits of performance and load test tools

Jimmy Uen started with a brief introduction of JMeter, its use in performance testing. He explained the various factors to consider and their importance in performance testing.

As he works for, he described few scenarios where JMeter can be used to perform Functional testing. For instance, adding 200 friends in the friends list, posting 600 messages.

The audience were also offered free pogo membership cards and some goodies J

Increasing the effectiveness of automated tests with parameterized random test data

BJ focussed on the generation of random data, its advantages over static test data.

According to him, as the random data does not ‘look’ real, violates constraints and not reproducible, he preferred probabilistic random test data which eliminated or minimized human bias.

One of the tools he mentioned was Babel – Random String Generator.

Finally, he concluded with the following points:

  • Static test data wears out
  • Recklessly generated random test data – not repeatable or not representative
  • Probabilistic random test data – modelled representation of the population
  • Increased value in using both

The final session for the day was:

High-volume Automation Strategy, Methods and Tools for Mobile Devices by Hung Nguyen.

The various parameters to be considered to automate were discussed. In addition the strategy and the automation framework, Hung highlighted the cost of automation especially the maintenance costs. Very often, the management fails to consider maintenance costs and expects magic with automation.

To end the day 2, we had a Round Table/Expert Panel answering questions on

How to best prepare for the Testing Demands and Expectations in the 21st Century‘.

The expert panel discussed the various questions on outsourcing, skills of testers, and the manual vs. automation testing.

For live tweets on the sessions, please follow

See you tomorrow with updates on Day 3 of VISTACON.

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