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VISTACON Updates for the EuroSTAR Blog Readers by Ajay Balamurugadas

  • 26/09/2010
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Third Day at VISTACon 2010 [Vietnam International Software Testing And Automation Conference]

Date: 22nd September, 2010.

Venue: White Palace Convention, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Third day started with a keynote by Dr.Cem Kaner.

Keynote Speaker

Introduction to Exploratory Test Automation by Dr.Cem Kaner
The entire set of slides can be found here: Dr.Cem was at his best highlighting the different scenarios of the investment market and how research did not add value in deciding on what to invest.

It was a bright start to the final day of the conference.

The detailed schedule of the track sessions can be found here:

I attended the sessions by Cem Kaner, Quang Tran, Hans Buwalda & Tuan Truong and Thang Bui.

Introduction to Skilled Exploratory Testing
The slides are available on his website:

It was great to listen to the person who coined the term ‘Exploratory testing’. The session focused on the different examples on how exploration helped the stakeholders. The audience was surprised at some of the issues that were discovered through exploratory testing.

Some of the interesting quotes were:

‘All testing is partially automated. You are using a computer to test.’

‘All testing is partially manual. A human being analyzes the test results.’

‘Suppose you decided to never run another regression test. What kind of automation would you do?’

Testing in Agile Development
Quang Tran’s session raised some interesting points. He mentioned that activities like ‘Unit testing, functional testing, acceptance testing’ were mundane activities and did not require any skill. He was of the opinion that these activities can be performed by the agile developers. On questioning why these activities did not require any skill, his answer was that these activities did not require much training and the programmers could be trained quickly.

The next question was won’t the testers be biased if both testers and programmers work together in the same room? He answered that agile was not suitable for junior programmers and was for only experienced programmers and testers. I was reminded of Michael Bolton’s comment that testing can be done in a good, bad, worse manner.

TestArchitect™ , a Vietnamese Product
The audience was presented with a brief history of the product, the purpose, features and advantages of the tool. Audience had lots of questions about the product and if there was a trail version to try out the product.

After the final two sessions, it was time for Keynote and Closing ceremony. Hung was very happy for successful completion of the three day conference. He thanked all the speakers, the organizers, sponsors, participants for making the conference a successful conference.

All the speakers were facilitated and the VISTACON 2010 attendees were offered a flat 50% discount on the VISTACON 2011 conference fee.

It was a great experience for me and I’m sure the conference would be a memorable and informative conference to all the attendees. Hope you liked the three blog posts with the VISTACON updates.

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