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Volunteer at EuroSTAR – Here is How

  • 08/08/2018
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Do you love software testing? Are you a big fan of EuroSTAR Conferences and would like to attend it this year? No problem! 

At EuroSTAR Conferences, we offer a wide range of ways to get to the Hague this November. Recently we have announced the TeamSTAR competition, where we invite software testers to create their mini conference in order to promote EuroSTAR, invite people to talking about any testing topic and win 4 tickets as a result. Sound great, doesn’t it – you can check it more here .

And going back to the topic, another way is to apply as a volunteer for our conference. That’s right.  Every year we are seeking enthusiastic testers to be part of our team during the conference. And this year we are yet again looking for volunteers to join us in The Hague from this November and in return you’ll have the opportunity to attend talks and meet with leaders of the Software Testing Community as well as fellow testers. All the volunteer needs to do is tell us what days can he/she volunteer, sort out the flights and accommodation and we will provide the best experience. At each of our Software testing conference, you will network with the best in the testing game, you will also learn valuable skills needed in this world. 


Volunteer for EuroSTAR Conference


What Do EuroSTAR Volunteers Do?

Volunteers exchange work for an opportunity to attend talks and workshops at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference. There are 3 main areas where volunteers get involved as part of our team.

There are different types of volunteer work at the conference: you can be a test lab crew, a “doctor” and a “cadet”. Yo can choose which area you and your skills will fit in the most. 



Volunteer as a Test Lab Crew

At the heart of the Expo, the EuroSTAR Conference Test Lab is your opportunity to give real, hands-on context to ideas you’ve heard speakers talk about in sessions. Run by testers for testers, we have set up a range of environments and testable systems to help you practice what you’ve learned. We have an open, friendly atmosphere to include you in conversation and discussion no matter what your level of experience, and have put together plenty of testing challenges to get you started.

Your responsibility as a Test lab Crew: The Test Lab Crew invite and welcome attendees to get involved and try out Test Lab. You will also create games and puzzles to challenge the minds of the testers.



EuroSTAR Huddle

Volunteer as a EuroSTAR Cadet

If you are new to Software Testing and have not experienced a large-scale conference before, this is a chance to be part of Europe’s largest testing event and meet over 1,000 attendees from the Testing Community.

Your Responsibility as a Cadet: Cadets help on the welcome desk and assist with directions as well as general co-ordination duties within the Expo area. If you would like to experience what the EuroSTAR Conference is all about – apply now!



Test Lab at EuroSTAR Conference

Volunteer as a Test Clinic Doctor

The Test Clinic process is simple. In the area there is a big lovely blackboard wall. You simply post any questions, conundrums, problems and tales of test woe then wait and hear (on that very same big lovely wall) from the many testing professional’s onsite that could resolve that problem!

Your Responsibility as a Doctor: If you have testing experience and can help people with their testing problems or be comfortable to find a consultant that can then you should apply to volunteer at the Test Clinic. 


Are you interested in attending the EuroSTAR Conference this November? If you love software testing and have a good sense of the testing world, then apply to Volunteer! 


APPLY to Volunteer


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