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Webinar on Testing High Frequency Trading Applications

  • 16/06/2011
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There is intensive competition today between exchange venues to provide faster and faster execution times for the high frequency trading desks seeking to take advantage of ever changing trading opportunities. Similarly hedge funds and investment banks are in a race to increase speed to market, and offer faster and faster platforms to their customers and for internal use. Order latency is now measured in microseconds with clock resolution in nanoseconds. Trading is becoming more and more dependent on IT and regulators are struggling to keep up with the possible risks. The rapid pace of change and cutting edge technologies pose new challenges to hardware designers,architects, developers and testers.

Before a tester embarks on testing High Frequency Trading Applications answer to the following questions will help

* What is High Frequency Trading?

* A look at Latency and throughput

* Measurement Considerations

* Regulation and the “Flash Crash”

* Testing challenges and how to overcome them

Find out more during an AppLabs Webinar on Testing High Frequency Trading Applications –

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