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Develop a ‘Quality Narrative’ that Communicates the True Value of Quality

Ronald Cummings-John

Mapping Tricky Cognitive Biases

Aleksandra Kornecka

Testing SAFely – Finding Your Way

Gitte Ottosen

Encouraging Children into Testing

Kari Kakkonen

Crowd-Testing for COVID Contact Tracing

Jonathon Wright

Power of Diversity in Mob Programming

Cindy Duflot

Continuous Delivery for Teams & 1 Monolith

Thierry de Pauw

Unlock the Power of Testing in Production with Observability

Abby Bangser

Progressing Beyond Continuous Delivery

Joost van Wollingen & Erik Swets

Your Habitat is Rapidly Changing. Are You?

Ryan Volker

Importance of Accessibility from the Start

Kristoffer Nordström

I Need GDPR-proof Test Data NOW!

Stijn van den Brand

Turning Automation Into a Cinderella Story

Niranjani Manoharan

When can we make a release?

Sérgio Freire

Why Bug Classifications Matter

Sanne Visser

Preventing Burnout in the Tech Industry

Raj Subrameyer

3 Routes To Deliver Higher Quality SAP Updates, Faster

Timo Mangelmann

Let’s Talk About Problems

Michael Bolton