Welcome to the EuroSTAR 2019 Track chairs. This area provides you with all the relevant information you need to learn about the EuroSTAR Track Chair role. Here you can learn about the role of the Track Chair, what the duties are onsite at the EuroSTAR conference, how you can become a Track Chair and how you can support the community by being a Track Chair at a EuroSTAR Conference. 


What is a EuroSTAR Track Chair?

The role of Track Chair in a Conference is to manage the individual track sessions on behalf of the speakers and of EuroSTAR. The role of the track chair is to support the speaker and help them and the audience have a worthwhile experience for each talk.

What does a EuroSTAR Track Chair do?

If you are in the role of a EuroSTAR track Chair, you have a number of responsibilities. These include:

  • Supporting the Speaker
    • Any specific requirements that they need
  • Monitoring the speaking time
    • Make sure the speakers are on time
  • Informing speaker of time left
    • Display boards with the countdown times of 10,5,3,2,1 minutes
  • Thanking Speaker and moderating the Q&A
    • Moderating any questions for speakers at the end. 


Who can be a EuroSTAR Track Chair?

Any person attending the Conference as a speaker, delegate or volunteer are welcome to apply to be a EuroSTAR Track Chair. You can sign up for the role below.





Where can I learn more about the role of a EuroSTAR Track Chair?

There are a number of resources that you can consult on the role. Try this webinar where you can learn everything about the role from a very experienced Track Chair. 


What will happen if I am selected as a Track Chair?

If you have been selected for the role, you will be informed before attending the Conference. You will also be informed of the sessions that you will be track chairing for and giving more details of what will happen at the Conference.


So has that got you interested in the role? If you would like more information, please reach out to us by emailing us and sharing your interest in the role.