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What is Software Test Lab?

  • 10/07/2017
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What is the Test Lab? Well if you if haven’t  been aware, the Test Lab is the home of experimentation at EuroSTAR. It a place run by testers for testers. You will find puzzles, games and lots more at the Test Lab located at the centre of the EuroSTAR expo space this year. Here is a short history on the Test Lab and how you can get involved.


How the Test Lab Started?

The Test Lab began life at EuroSTAR 2009 with James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack establishing its first presence at the EuroSTAR Conference. At that debut James and Bark setup a server and a router with some applications to test with tools provided by sponsors. You can read a report here from Michael Bolton on the first event. 

The TestLab still has the same ethos and vibe of that very first event. It may have expanded and there may be more things to do but you will still find a place to experiment and do actual testing.  At EuroSTAR 2017 there will be open-source tools to try out. As well as that you try out some IoT puzzles designed to illustrate techniques from test certification exams, or take a robot for a walk.

Each year the Test Lab is led by two Test Lab Masters assisted by two Test Lab Apprentices. There are a range of environments and testable systems setup to help you practice what you’ve learned over the course of the conference and with the guidance of the Test Lab Masters and Apprentices, you can’t go wrong. There are sessions too on practical aspects of testing like note-taking, security testing or mobile testing. The friendly atmosphere is an encouraging start to get involved and start on testing challenges. 


Test Lab Party

At the EuroSTAR Conference in 2016, the Test Lab introduced the Test Lab Party and Hackathon  which saw games, DJ sets and more happening in an all night extravaganza. 


Be Part of the Team


This year the Test Lab is looking for two new apprentices to help run the Test Lab. You will get to be involved right from the start, designing what the Test Lab will look like and what tools and apps will be featured at the Test Lab this year.

How do you take part. You can APPLY HERE to register to be one of the Test Lab team. 




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