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What to expect as a Test Lab Apprentice

  • 21/08/2013
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There are only 2 days left to send in your Test Lab Apprentices application forms. In this blog post Ru discusses some of her experiences as a Test Lab Apprentice at the 2012 EuroSTAR Conference.

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With a few days still left for you to send in your applications for the Test Lab Apprentice Competition, here are some of insights from being an apprentice myself at EuroSTAR 2012.

When I first applied to be an apprentice, I didn’t really know what to expect. The truth is it is hard to explain exactly what will happen in the Test Lab each year: the experiences are built based on the people who participate in the lab and the ones that are helping out the Test Lab masters, and it’s always a fun surprise to see how it all ends up.

Being an apprentice is a lot of work – you will help out with setting up the lab and the computers, encourage people to come in and try out our tools and applications, explain and discuss testing techniques and new ideas, troubleshoot any problems that might show up (and they somehow always show up!) but most importantly you will enjoy an excellent atmosphere full of skilled and fun testers wanting to spend their time solving puzzles, logging bugs, trying out new tools and discussing all things related to testing.

The deadline for applying to be a Test Lab apprentice is approaching – send in your application, tell us what makes you special and share with us any ideas of new games, puzzles, tools or testing techniques we could use in the lab and join our team!

Ru Cindrea,
Test Lab Master

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