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What’s this ( contd )

  • 17/09/2010
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In my last post, I had put up a picture – with a question – What’s the connection of this picture with Testing?

matthew 4

So here in this post are some details regarding the picture

I remember while reading the book ‘ Digital Fortress -By Dan Brown   ‘ in college  I had come across these lines

It came from the world’s first computer – the Mark 1 – a room size maze of electromechanical circuits built in 1944 in a lab at Harvard University . The computer developed a glitch one day , and no one was able to locate the cause . After hours of searching, a lab assistant finally spotted the problem. It seemed a moth had landed on one of the computer’s circuit board and shorted it out. From that moment on, computer glitches were referred to as bugs .

Some time later after entering the professional world as I was searching for some info, I came across the ‘the origin of the term bug in the computer field’ story. Of course the internet states that the term ‘bug’ was used prior to this incident as well, but then personally I find this incident more interesting  J

Grace Murray Hopper was an American computer scientist and was employed with the United States Navy. After leaving her active duty from the Navy, she worked at the Harvard University. Here, she and other engineers were working on the Mark II computer, when one day the machine started experiencing problems. As they investigated – they found that there was a moth trapped that was causing the problem. The engineers then removed it from there and affixed it in the log book and made an entry for it. (And that’s the picture placed above here in this post) . So then later whenever things were went wrong in the computer or any other application , people started calling it a bug .

Grace Hopper narrated this incident when she was invited to speak at different places, so that’s how the story got popular.

Do you know of any terms used in testing that have a history or an anecdote attached? Do let me know, I am eager to hear from you.

matthew 5And now as always – its TWIZ time !!

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