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Where to go in Gothenburg?

  • 24/09/2013
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In preparation for the upcoming EuroSTAR Conference, Olle Alvemark a local in Gothenburg recommends some of the best restaurants & bars to visit in Gothenburg. 

Here are some places I like, but taste is personal so there is no refund if they don’t meet your expectations ;) Let me know if you have questions about the town and I will try to help you out!


Restaurants for lunch

Franks corner

Södra vägen 36
A café close to the exhibition center. Serves tasty, good size salads and pasta salads to go. Great if you’re looking for a healthier alternative.


Världskulturmuseet (World culture museum)

Södra vägen 54
Nice setting in the main hall with lean Scandinavian architecture. Usually two or three dishes to choose from. All-you-can-eat..


West coast

Main lunch restaurant in the exhibition centre. Easy access and great if you are hungry! Buffet. Good complementary salad.


Burgården School

Skånegatan 20
Not always great but a true piece of Sweden. Looks like the Gothenburg expression BAMBA, which is slang for school diner. Always a selection of Fish, Meat and Veg.



Vasagatan 58
Great Swedish food. A bit expensive but worth it if you want to eat traditional at least once.


Bee Kök & Bar

Kungstorget 13
Nice place with good food to a reasonable price with complementary salad buffet. Also serving dinner and their shrimp sandwich is a classic. Things like Pasta, burger and Caesar salad is on the menu.


Restaurants for dinner

Mid-range price



Arkivgatan 7
Popular place but the leave half the restaurant for non-reservations so if you have time to wait in the bar you can still get a table. Usually a weekly special 3 course meal for around 300 Swedish kronor.


Le pain Francais

Kungsportsavenyn 7
The latest wow-place in town (as of this moment). The chain of small cafés has gone all-in on this one… and the interior is spectacular. Bottom floor is still a café but second and third floor has really nice bistro food and a great bar.


Miss Sophie

Kungsportsavenyn 5
Cozy restaurant with good food on the bottom floor of the night club Lounge(s). Feels like a living room in an American movie.



Kungstorget 14
Brazilian restaurant and bar. Turns into a crazy salsa club on Fridays and Saturdays. BBQ and great Caipirinha or why don’t try the burger?


Dinner 22

Södra vägen 22
Small place close to the exhibition centre and good Swedish food in classy environment. They focus on meat but usually have at least one great fish dish as well.

Top notch..



Lilla torget 1
Gothenburg is known for its great sea food and this is (according to me) the best place for it. Go for the tasting menus and wear a jacket.


Törnströms kök

Teknologgatan 3
One of the best restaurants in Sweden! Fairly small but classy restaurant placed in the basement of an apartment building. White clothes and superb food and wines. Both tasting menus and A la Carte.



Gothenburg nightlife is happening mainly on weekends. But if you want to go for a drink and just hang out there are several places to go. Here are some of them:


Heaven 23

Located on the top floor in one of the hotel towers belonging to the exhibition center. Bit of a tourist trap but still the best view and a great shrimp sandwich…


Puta Madre

Magasinsgatan 3
Interior wise – think an American-Mexican brothel at the beginning of the 19 hundreds. No funny business though, just great drinks and atmosphere.


Bitter Bar

Linnégatan 59
A nice bar on the other side of town. If you have time to see something else than just the area around EuroStar why don’t take a tram to this place and walk along the Linnéstreet.


Lounge(s) (Thursday-Saturday)
Kungsportsavenyn 5
Upscale nightclub on weekends but Thursday and Friday is good for an after work drink. Floors three and four have bars with a living room feel and depending on weather there is a terrace with a huge bar on the second floor.


Yaki-da (Wednesday-Saturday)

Storgatan 47
Really nice bar (and ok restaurant) to just hang out with a group of colleges or friends. TOP FLOOR is the place to go. The rest is just a so-so night club.


Bishops arms

Kungsportsavenyn 36
Walking distance from the exhibition. Ok, it might not be the most original place but sometimes you just want to get what you expect, right? English pub with a large selection of beer and whisky.
There are for sure great places that I have not mentioned but I hope this will give you something to start with! WELCOME TO GOTHENBURG – AND BRING YOUR UMBRELLA ;)

Author: Olle Alvemark, CEO of JAutomate

olle alvemark_100x147Currently living in Gothenburg but grew up in the north of Sweden. Master’s degree in automation at Chalmers University of technology. Gave up a career in energy performance contracting to pursue making Visual GUI testing and JAutomate a part of the global testing community. Feels for the human aspect of test automation and is keen on making tools fit the human and not vice versa.

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