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WhiteBoard Sessions at EuroSTAR 2014

  • 19/11/2014
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  • Posted by Ronan

This year the team at EuroSTAR are glad to announce that as part of the EuroSTAR experience we will be facilitating whiteboard sessions at the conference.

What Are Whiteboard Sessions?

The whiteboard sessions are a short (circa 5 minutes) presentation given to camera on any software testing topic of the presenters choosing. These sessions will allow the presenter to give a brief talk using the whiteboard to illustrate/ elaborate or describe any of their points. Think of it as a manual PowerPoint presentation.

What do you need?

Nothing. Just bring yourself and your idea’s to the Whiteboard session room. We are even supplying numerous coloured markers.

When and Where will they happen?

The Whiteboard sessions will happen through-out the week of the EuroSTAR conference at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

We will have a room set up with a camera and whiteboard and we are looking for presenters to share their testing knowledge.

So avoid something like this:

whiteboard bad









But try something like this:

Whiteboard 3








How do I get involved?

If you want to present at the Whiteboard sessions, then you can email us at or alternatively contact the EuroSTAR team at the conference.

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