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Whole lotta bloggin goin on!

  • 14/12/2010
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Presentations, Discussion and everything that happened at EuroSTAR 2010 was not just confined to the Bella Center in Copenhagen. Over the course of the 4 days, the conversation continued on the web with an unbelievable amount of tweets using the #esconfs hash tag, some incredible blog posts and lots more… With so much happening, we decided to highlight some of our favourites below to remind attendees of what happened and to give others a taste of what happens at EuroSTAR.

Markus Gartner was hugely active in the blogosphere during EuroSTAR 2010 with constant updates on what was happening and sessions that he was attending. Take a look at his blog by clicking here

Ajay was our BlogSTAR at EuroSTAR 2010 and was the exclusive blogger on the EuroSTAR blog where he produced some fantastic content. Take a look at all of the posts by clicking here

Shmuel Gerson attended EuroSTAR for the first time and by all accounts had a fantastic time and was extremely active in everything that was taking place – The Test Lab, Lightening Talking, Rebel Alliance, Expo Stand Competitions, you name it and Shmuel was there. He kept an amazing account of everything and posted his thoughts on his blog including some great videos; take a look byclicking here

Rob Lambert also attended EuroSTAR for the first time and it was great to finally meet the Social Tester in person. Rob was also an active blogger and strove to keep people not fortunate enough to be in Copenhagen up to date with what was happening as it happened. Take a look by clicking here

Natalie, a programme committee for EuroSTAR 2010 kept a daily diary of her EuroSTAR experience. The posts are an exceptional read and I would recommend everybody to take a look by clicking here

John Stevenson contributed a fantastic post about the Human Element which we thought was excellent and worthy of mention, you can take a look by clicking here

Henrik and Martin, our Test Lab Apprentices and two thirds of the Test Eye team also kept an account of their experiences at EuroSTAR and their first year involved with the Test Lab, take a look by clicking here

Zeger van Hese, a regular EuroSTAR attendee and renowned Belgian tester posted on the Rebel Alliance meeting from Tuesday evening at EuroSTAR. Everybody involved had a great time and you can find out more by clicking here

Michael Bolton has begun his round up of EuroSTAR 2010 trip with Part 1. Michael makes some excellent points, well worth reading as always and you can take a look by clicking here

Ola Hylten attended EuroSTAR for the first time also and blogged about the great experience he had in Copenhagen and what he took away from the conference. You can take a look by clicking here

The EuroSTAR team has been delighted with the reports about the conference appearing online and hopes that these insights from fellow testers will motivate others to join in and get involved with the EuroSTAR community throughout 2011

Tweets #esconfs

The following are a random selection of Tweets posted at the EuroSTAR 2010 Conference…

Thomas Ankerl Incredible how the EuroSTAR multiplied my very limited perspective on Software Testing to a maximum – thanks to a great community. #esconfs

Zeger Van Hese Whole lotta conferrin’ goin’ on! RT #Ajay184f Did you CONFER @esconfs #testing #esconfs

The TestLab RT @henrikemilsson: The Test Eye: Stories from the EuroSTAR TestLab 2010 #esconfs

Lynn McKee Very busy this morning following up with all the fantastic folks I met at EuroStar. How many new folks did you meet at EuroStar? #esconfs

Adam Brown Is it bad that I’ve already sorted out my accommodation for next years #esconfs ?#softwaretesting #testing #qa

ard_kramer Our 3 videoblog all on the EuroSTAR site, memories of great congres #esconfs @_eclipseit

Andy Glover 4 highlights of #esconfs: Learning more on SBTM (or MTBS!). Meeting testers. Sharing my cartoons. Receiving a book from Rob Sab – priceless

Teemu Vesala Home, finally. This is last post about #esconfs 2010. Thank U everyone. Now I have to finalize notes. Lot of new ideas!

Michael Bolton Preparing to do a wrap-up blog post on EuroSTAR to lionize the Cool Kids. (I can call them that ‘cos they’re all younger than I.) #esconfs

Ola Hyltén Experiencing conference withdrawal symptoms. Trying to land safely after #esconfs

Martin Jansson Thanks for a lovely conferance! Thanks for being able to pair up with the best, passionate testers in the world. #esconfs

Ola Hyltén Waiting for my train home #esconfs was great. New friends, new ideas and inspired. Thank you!

Zeger Van Hese #esconfs rocked this year. Kudos to the Eurostar team, the committee & everyone involved. Feeling inspired (and cold, too) #globalwarming?

Michael Bolton All Hail Bart Knaack, James Lyndsay, Martin Jansson, Henrik Emilsson: @TheTestLabRats. Lovely ET management roundtable, too. #esconfs

Rob Lugton Fantastic conference! Well worth the 60+ hours in travel to and from! :-) #esconfs

Henrik Andersson Leaving EuroStar. Had a great time with all friends I met! @TheTestLab was the best thing of the conference. Thanks #esconfs, well done!

The TestLab Rough TestLab numbers: 180 people, 100 hours of testing, 100 bugs. Lots of fun, many thanks to all. #esconfs

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