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Win at All Costs

  • 22/09/2010
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It has been an exciting 2010 so far at EuroSTAR – We have had a great time dreaming up online competitions like The Test Lab Apprentices, VideoSTAR, TeamSTAR & BlogSTAR. These have proved extremely popular with the testing community.

After every campaign we run at EuroSTAR, we get together and discuss what went well, what didn’t and what we could improve in future competitions. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of testers engaging with us throughout these campaigns, and the positive response of our ‘online community’. Our only negative is the feeling that a ‘Must Win At All Costs’ approach seems to have popped up in places…

Here at EuroSTAR , we see ourselves as serving the needs of the software testing community – the community of ‘professional’ software testers – and we’ve always thought of you guys that way, as professionals.

Because of this, we didn’t see the need in our ‘fun’ competitions to have massive security around the voting mechanism, but unfortunately a small minority within the testing community do not want to play fair or professional!

Were we wrong to assume that the testing community would play by the rules? Seems like a very small minority, who think that they are cleverly ‘fixing’ the outcome of a competition, are just ruining it for everyone else ( I mean most folks just want to have a bit of fun and win some good prizes – they work hard, they do a good job, and they expect an honest result…)

Where do we go from here?

We’d appreciate your feedback on this…

Do we have to put a panel together to decide the outcome of every competition, or can we ask testers to look deep inside, think about their professional integrity, and play by the rules?

Afterall, its not like they’re not being watched (by 10,000 or so other testers…)Your thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions are most welcome,

Lorraine & the EuroSTAR 2010 team.

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