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And the winner is…… Ard Kramer

  • 20/09/2010
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Even a tester wants to be a winner from time to time. Therefore winning the TeamSTAR price give us, the EclipseIT-team, a great feeling. If there is another movie-competition, I recommend everybody to participate. Putting your heads together to come up with a plot, the film techniques and so on, is inspiring and FUN! It is something completely different (where did I hear that sentence before?).

For those of you that are interested in the background of our movie: we were inspired by a Dutch television commercial sequence. In every commercial, something goes wrong but it can be recovered. In the end everything seems to be alright but it still ends in disaster.

You can see some examples on this site:

This theme comes back in our commercial for EuroSTAR: we are working on the wrong project, we recover and finish the job and we receive our reward: champagne and 4 tickets to EuroSTAR. But then, the cork of the Champagne bottle hits the laptop and the whole project goes down the drain…..

So, if you are still interested in the movie:


The reality is better: we are going to Copenhagen and we will have a great time ! And maybe we can have a life blog chat, let me know so we can arrange a rendez-vous

Ard Kramer

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