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‘WSSW – When Software Stops Working’ by Ajay Balamurugadas

  • 12/09/2010
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Today along with my friends, I went to a show where bike riders displayed their skills in stunts. Stunters from various parts of the country impressed the audience with their daredevil stunts. The riders were playing with the bikes as if it were small toys. There were a variety of stunts; one after the other – the audience were totally getting their money’s worth.

What’s a stunt without fire?

After few minutes into the show, two lines of fire were lit and the rider displayed control in stopping just before the line of fire. Then they lit a circle of fire and the rider started circling inside the circle of fire. Just when we thought that the rider was in full control, he slipped and the bike tyre caught fire. Slowly the petrol tank was also on fire.
Though there were boys ready with fire extinguishers, to everybody’s surprise, none of the three fire extinguishers seemed to work. The fire was slowly getting out of control. Panic struck and some of them were  terrified by the scene. The crowd started to step back from the seat and get as far away from the fire. Some of them were capturing this event on their mobiles. Suddenly, one of the boys was able to put off the fire and smile returned on the organizers’ faces.
I could not concentrate on the stunts after the fire incident.
Yesterday morning too, a lady was struggling to open the umbrella. Unable to open quickly in the rain, she preferred to walk with umbrella in the bag. What’s the use of an umbrella if you can’t open it quickly when needed?
What’s the use of a fire extinguisher which stops working just when its most required?
When Software Stops Working
What is the use of software if it does not serve its main purpose?
*If* the petrol tank had burst and someone was seriously injured, it would have been a big news and a major accident. I’m still thinking as to why the three fire extinguishers failed?
Was it poor training?
Were the fire extinguishers really defective?
Was it just one off situation?
Did the boys panic in the tight situation?
Were the boys caught unawares?
What do you do when software stops working when you need it the most?
What is the risk when a life-critical software stops working?
Have you heard of the term ‘Golden Hour‘ ? Its the time during which there is the highest likelihood of preventing death by prompt medical attention.
What if the software stops working right at the Golden Hour?
Even Jerry Weinberg has two pens with him to avoid missing an idea.
Are you prepared for ‘WSSW -When Software Stops Working‘ ?

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