Join us for EuroSTAR, 1-4 Nov, 2021

2021 EuroSTAR Conference Call For Speakers

The only thing that grows more when you share it is knowledge.
So, with this call for submissions, we are inviting you to grow knowledge.

The term ‘growing’ reminds us of nature. We need to grow knowledge in an environment that enables us to observe nature. We’ll create the perfect setting to exchange views, share experiences and grow knowledge together. I’m convinced that you have something to share that is most interesting to others in our community. So please grab this opportunity and submit a proposal to speak at EuroSTAR 2021

"Thanks to all the amazing people – the contributors, the creators, the visionaries and the dreamers who made EuroSTAR Online such an incredible success! Together, we adapted and thrived, and we now look forward to coming together for the 29th EuroSTAR conference… what a community!"

Lorraine Banks

EuroSTAR Conferences, General Manager,