Keynote Speakers

  • Robert Sabourin

    Test Lead

    Testing in the Dark [See More]

    Rob shares recent experiences testing in the dark on chaotic turbulent projects turning his product ignorance into a testing superpower. Join Rob’s quest to find important bugs’ fast, testing in the dark, and you too will see the light!

  • Alan Richardson

    Independent Consultant

    Exploring Testing First Principles [See More]

    Assume we know nothing about Software Testing. And then, using a process of questioning and exploration we will see how far we get in terms of building a model of both Software Testing and how we might test an application from a Technical perspective.

  • Sallyann Freudenberg

    Agile Consultant

    How Our Differences Make All The Difference and What To Do About It [See More]

    Consider diversity of the minds of testers and fully embrace and support all of the wonderful and different thinkers we have. This talk is a rallying cry against homogenous, one-size-fits-all environments, processes and recruitment methods.

  • James Christie


    The Dragons of the Unknown [See More]

    If we can’t handle complexity as honestly as the safety experts and face the dragons of the unknown then we could turn testing into a dreary, pointless, bureaucratic job, doing little of value, and performed by whoever is prepared to do it for least money.

  • Karen Johnson


    What Are Your Overall Career Goals? [See More]
    Perhaps it is time to figure out your purpose – what will resolve the “I don’t know” response to your career purpose and goals. Dare to think that your career should have a purpose. Through personal stories & struggles Karen outlines possible answers to this essential question.

EuroSTAR Software Testing Awards

The EuroSTAR Conference Gala Awards Night is one of the most anticipated events in software testing calendar. This is the Hall of Fame for software testing experts and a night when we celebrate & honour those who’ve contributed, shared and brought incredible ideas to the community. The EuroSTAR Conference is programmed by the community for the community and the annual Gala Awards recognises the true leaders of our industry. There are four main awards;

This years Gala Awards will be held in De Broodfabriek (The Bread Factory) on Wednesday November 14th. This night includes a sit down meal and the presentation of the above awards that celebrate the testing community.


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EuroSTAR 2018

For our 2018 Conference we will be located in the World Forum The Hague

Churchillplein 10, 2517 JW Den Haag, Netherlands

Schelpenpad, 2684 Ter Heijde, Netherlands

Rosenburgherlaan 2, 2252 BA Voorschoten, Netherlands