EuroSTAR Call for Speakers 2021

*The 2021 Call for Speakers is now closed*

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Call for Speakers from Fran O’Hara, EuroSTAR 2021 Programme Chair

We all remember key moments in our work lives that had a significant impact and changed how we thought and moved forward, new directions we took, moments that inspired us to get out of our comfort zones. For example, it might have been that new role you took on, that new approach that succeeded or indeed that failed project you learnt so much from.

For me, conferences have made up many of my key moments. Three spring to mind:

  • Attending my first software conference (ICSE in Melbourne) my mind exploding with new knowledge about the world of safety critical software into which I had just arrived
  • My first presentation at a conference (on solid state physics!) that got me significantly out of my comfort zones and paved the way for a later career involving training and presenting!
  • Attending my first EuroSTAR in 1997 in Edinburgh. This is when I became immersed in the world of testing and truly became a member of the testing community.


These highlight how valuable conferences are for gaining knowledge; how getting out of your comfort zones to present and interact is so beneficial, and how nice being part of a community can be.
I am now experiencing a new key moment… becoming the 2021 Programme Chair of my favourite conference. It was such an honour and a delight when Lorraine at EuroSTAR asked me to work with the programme committee (that will soon be announced) to help shape the conference.

EuroSTAR 2020 brought us the challenge of online – not only was that challenge overcome, but it has set us up to have an even better online experience in 2021 (think how great those speed meets were, the ease of dropping in on an AMA… and so much more).

So let’s make EuroSTAR 2021 a key moment for both speakers and attendees alike. This call for speakers includes a theme to help guide you in your submission.

Call for Submissions is now closed

2021 EuroSTAR Conference Theme

The conference theme is “Engage”.

When picking this, one fundamental message I wanted to convey was the importance of focusing on the positive and sharing experiences of what worked for you or how you turned problems into opportunities.

Here are a few of the many ways to interpret ‘engage’ to help guide your thinking for 2021 submissions.

  • Engagement with your teams and colleagues. Collaborative approaches and techniques, mental health, coaching and personal development, psychological safety and indeed the broader topics of whole team thinking and culture.
  • Engagement with new approaches and technologies. For all you ‘trekkies’ out there, think engage in the sense of moving forward in the quest for knowledge and exploring new worlds of testing. Think of topics such as Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning, IoT, Robotics, etc. Think about novel approaches to solving testing problems. Think about how testing can deal with the ever increasing pace of change.
  • Engaging people so they become interested in testing and keeping them thinking about it. This could be about recruiting people into test, re-envisaging the testing roles, engaging developers and business stakeholders in the testing process. What experiences do you have of attracting minorities into testing, enhancing diversity in testing and general inclusiveness in our teams and ways of working.
  • A binding commitment/engagement to deliver quality and value to your customers and stakeholders and how testing can help you achieve that within your team and organisation.


We are interested in your ideas on all the topics relevant to effective testing – such as, testing in agile and DevOps, observability and monitoring, CI/CD pipelines and continuous testing, non-functional testing (performance, security, usability, accessibility, etc.), test automation, API testing, testing with microservices and contract testing, mobile testing, model based testing, exploratory testing and test techniques, coding for testers, leadership in testing, test strategies in different contexts, etc.

Talk Types

We are looking for:
– Track-talks (30 mins)
– Keynotes (45 mins)
– Half-day tutorial (3.5 hours)

Preference will be given to submissions that are experience reports and have a strong practical element, because understanding is enhanced when we ‘learn by doing’.

So, share what engages you in your work, what holds your attention, what engrosses you in testing. At the end of the day, if you think you could engage people with your story, we’d love to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Fran O’Hara

EuroSTAR 2021 Programme Chair

Note: If you would like help writing a proposal to increase your chances of success, see our handy guide.

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