The 2020 EuroSTAR Software Testing & QA Conference Programme will be released week commencing 20th April.

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Call for Speakers from Rik Marselis, EuroSTAR 2020 Programme Chair

The only thing that grows more when you share it is knowledge. So, with this call for submissions, we are inviting you to grow knowledge.

The term ‘growing’ reminds us of nature. We need to grow knowledge in an environment that enables us to observe nature. Therefore the 2020 EuroSTAR Conference will take place at the Antwerp Zoo. Surrounded by animals and nature we’ll have the perfect setting to exchange views, share experiences and grow knowledge together. I’m convinced that you have something to share that is most interesting to others in our community. So please grab this opportunity and submit a proposal to speak at EuroSTAR in Antwerp.

2020 EuroSTAR Conference Theme

The conference theme is “Testing in the Wild”.

We came up with this theme because of the wild animals in the zoo. You may interpret this theme in any way you like. If you find a way to connect your testing story to animals, please go ahead. But testing in the wild also refers to real life stories, not just theory. You have interesting practical experiences, share them with your fellow-testers! And don’t think that everybody already knows. Our experience is that every year, a large number of attendees at the conference are “first-timers” that are especially looking for the simple day to day experiences that they can adopt and practice right after they get back at their organisation.

On the other hand, you can also go ‘wild’ in your submission and propose a story about testing in your wildest dreams, a perfect place for testers, or, even better, a perfect place for the users of IT-systems. How can we tame the beast called “quality-risk”?

The IT-industry is constantly changing. Currently we see the Agile & DevOps wave that asks many people to perform testing that have never done so before. Testing changes from a function for relatively few people to a role for many people, IT-educated and end-users alike.

Please consider how this influences quality assurance and testing. And tell us about your views and experiences with regards to the various aspects like Organizing, Performing and Exploring activities.

Talk Types

The above gives you some context. Please be creative and use the “testing in the wild” theme to share your practical experiences in one of the possible formats, you can choose between:
– Track-talk (45 mins)
– Keynote (45 mins)
– Full-day tutorial (7.5 hours)
– Half-day tutorial (3.5 hours)
– Interactive workshop / discussion (90 mins)
– Live Testing Session (45 minutes or 90 mins) *NEW*
– Next Generation Keynote (15 mins)*NB*

See Submission Guide for more details on talk types.


*New* Talk Type

As you can see this year we introduce a new format, to share in some Live Testing. As you probably know testing is best learned by doing. But to do testing you need a test object (i.e. some piece of software to practice on). This year we invite you to upload your practice test object so that the quality & testing community can benefit by using it to learn how to test. Of course, just uploading pieces of software may not be enough, so therefore, as part of EuroSTAR 2020, we invite you to come and tell what aspect of quality assurance and testing can be learned by using your test object.

Some test objects are great for trying your fault-finding-skills (software that deliberately contains faults), others are great for learning how to automate (software with special characteristics that are easy or hard for test tools) and yet others may be documents that should be reviewed (including an explanation of faults and flaws to be detected). We’re really enthusiastic by the idea that testers will this way get an abundance of possibilities to practice their skills, both on their own or in groups, while doing self-study or in training-courses. So please share your practice-test-object and come and tell all about it, and even better, demonstrate what people can learn from it. This can be done in a 45 minute session as well as a 90 minute workshop.

Have you never spoken at a conference before?

But do you have something interesting to share? (Yes, you do!! Don’t be shy, everybody has interesting experiences!!)

Then we specifically invite you to submit. However, we can imagine you may struggle to complete your proposal. Therefore, we will host a special webinar, for potential speakers, where you get hints and tips on how to create a clear and good proposal, making that the first hurdle easier to cross. And when you’re selected, we’ll be happy to also guide you in preparing your talk, there are many experienced speakers in the Programme Committee and the rest of the EuroSTAR community that would be very happy to support you in making your first presentation a great one.


If you are better at speaking than at writing, please don’t hesitate to include a link to a video to support your proposal (but keep in mind we’ll have to view all videos, so make it no longer than 2 minutes).

Call for Speakers Deadline

Closing date for submissions is Friday 7th February 2020.

We, the 2020 EuroSTAR Programme Committee and the conference team, are anxious to receive your proposals and will do our utmost to create an excellent programme so that we’ll all have a great time at the zoo.

From 16-19 Nov 2020 we’ll have an interesting, knowledge expanding and fun conference that will make sure everybody returns home happy.

With kind regards,

Rik Marselis

EuroSTAR 2020 Programme Chair


Why Speak at EuroSTARConf?

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