Tutorial D

An Introduction to AI-Driven Test Automation

Dionny Santiago

09:30-13:00 CEST Tuesday 29th Sept

Conventional test automation approaches are time-consuming and can produce scripts that are fragile and overly sensitive to change.

The rise of AI-driven test automation tools is promising more robust and resilient test scripts that are able to self-heal as the application evolves.

But what exactly is this technology all about and how do you get started?  Does it require learning new skills? What tools are immediately available for beginners?

Join Dionny Santiago as he explains different AI and ML techniques and applies them to different testing problems. Learn where you can find freely available, open-source tools to support AI-driven test automation.

Uncover the basics of what is needed to help you start developing AI-first test scripts today without writing a single line of code. Let’s build and execute real AI-first tests together with no prior programming or AI/ML experience needed!