Tutorial K

Exploring the Intersection of AI for Testing

Tariq King

14:00-17:30 CEST Tuesday 28th Sept

Synergies among AI and software testing can be divided into three broad yet closely related categories: (a) leveraging AI for testing; (b) methods for testing AI systems; and (c) designing software with implicit self-testing features. Researchers, software vendors, and practitioners are already using AI to develop a new wave of test automation tools. These tools automatically explore, model, reason, learn, and test software applications.

However, as with most AI and ML-based technologies, these tools raise concerns around whether or not we really trust and depend on them. ML-based systems tend to be highly dynamic and adaptable at runtime, thereby requiring extensive testing both offline, pre-deployment, and on-line, post-deployment.

Join Tariq King as he explores the intersection of AI for software testing. You’ll learn the fundamentals of AI-driven test automation and then dive into some of the challenges, approaches, and practical issues around testing AI systems.

Come and engage with Tariq and other participants, so that together we can demystify AI for testing and use collective human intelligence to tackle open problems in the rapidly growing field of AI for software testing.