Tutorial B

Living Documentation with BDD: Structure, Consistency, Traceability

Gáspár Nagy

09:30-13:00 CEST Tuesday 28th Sept

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is becoming more and more commonly used at bigger enterprises and in larger projects. The BDD scenarios that the teams discuss and automate form a living documentation – a documentation that cannot get outdated.

BDD encourages collaboration on the requirements which is definitely useful for larger projects as well. But these projects have other challenges too. The bigger project size requires bigger specification set (more scenarios), so finding the right structure is crucial for keeping the living documentation usable. Larger projects are often delivered by multiple teams, so they must cooperate to keep the BDD scenarios consistent. In these projects it is also often required to ensure traceability of requirements, implementation, and testing (for legal or enterprise reasons).

In this workshop we will discuss and put in practice some ideas that can help to improve the structure, consistency, and traceability of BDD living documentations. While we provide a short summary of BDD, we focus on the mentioned “advance” topics, so some prior BDD knowledge or experience is useful. The workshop is recommended for all roles, no coding or special technical skills required.