Track Talk F6

Forget Shift Left and Shift Right. Let’s Shift Back!

René van Veldhuijzen

10:00-10:45 CEST Friday 10th June

Oh no, it happened again. Someone brought in a test automation tool that will solve all our problems, because that someone has seen the perfect demo and of course it will help automate everything and it will replace us all. Is there no one who dares to explain to all involved how to set up a clear and well thought out architecture for test automation.

Certainly … let’s shift back!

Many Test Automation efforts these days are struggling or horrible failing because they started the wrong way. At the start of a Test Automation implementation two things are imperative; start with the “Why” and build a solid Architecture.

Together we will explore the aspects under the “Why”; which discussions must be avoided, and which decisions will have to be taken at the start of every Test Automation implementation. After many workshops with our customers we spotted four definitive categories: technical aspects, organizational aspects, test aspects (obviously) and indispensable preconditions.

Now that we are clear on why it is going to be used, we zoom in on building a reusable and solid architecture for your Test Automation. There is the way ISTQB describes it and there is a more practical solution on what Test Automation Architecture is, how to set it up, maintain it and how you make sure the Architecture is useful.

Together with Jan Jaap Cannegieter (renowned keynote speaker and book writer), I set up the approach regarding test automation architecture. We have held workshops at various leading Dutch companies, the Dutch testing society TestNet and explained the approach to new and existing test automation efforts.