Tutorial E

Questions, Questions

James Lyndsay

09:00-12:30 CEST Tuesday 7th June

This interactive workshop will help you ask the right testing questions, of the right people, at the right time.

We will identify questions that have been useful to participants. From those questions, we will recognise types of questions, the contexts in which you might use them, and the people you might ask. We will look more closely at types which catch the attention of the group. Examples could include:

  • Questions which give you context for new work
  • Questions which confirm (or refute) an existing model
  • Questions which reveal underlying values and fears
  • Questions you should should be able to answer, as a tester


We will look into ways to adjust questions for more specificity, or to allow greater freedom in the answer, to help the person being questioned, or to act as links in a chain. We’ll look at ways we can use questions poorly: loaded and leading questions, questions designed to trick or trip, questions which go over the same ground, and other anti-patterns.

Finally, we will spend time on when to stop asking, how to process information, and what and who to ask next (especially if the “who” is the system under test). The presenter will share their lists of questions, built over several years consulting, and the purposes and audiences that the lists fit.