Track Talk W19

UX Testing in Agile Teams

Kimberly Snoyl

16:30-17:15 CEST Wednesday 8th June

UX Design takes place prior to the development phase. UX Testing, using data, takes place after the product is already built (e.g. using tools like Google Analytics). Kimberly Snoyl will give us her take on UX Testing and the possibilities it has during a the development phase.

As a tester, her work is to make sure the designed product is built correctly according to the requirements. “In my opinion, testing focuses too much on functionality instead of ensuring the end user is happy with the product and can use it effectively and efficiently.”

In this interactive talk I will give my take on this. After this talk you know what tests you can do which fit in a sprint, in addition to the functional tests, which will improve the User Experience of the product.