Track Talk Th7

Bring your Everything! How Clown Training made me a Better Tester

Søren Aasbjerg Andersen

11:30-12:15 CEST Thursday 15th June

Being a Tester is not something most of us were educated to be, specifically. Many of us have fallen into the business by circumstance, luck or happy accident. Being in a “composite” business like ours have many people wondering if their past experiences were just a waste of time or maybe a “shameful” gap in the CV to be explained away to a potential employer.

Let me dispel those illusions!

We are all products of our unique past. Experiences. Jobs. Education. Training. Hobbies. Handicaps. Anything you have spent time doing will shape you. But how do you leverage your unique experiences and personality into a job function? How do you turn socially perceived uselessness into an edge? Which relevant skill set can possibly be derived from clown training? Playing a lot of shooter games? Martial arts? Planting pine trees? Shovelling manure? Working in a warehouse? Scrubbing toilets? Visiting old people? Being neurodiverse and a little bit of this and that?

And how do all of these things come together to make you a better tester and team player? Our uniqueness is what makes us valuable, as people as well as professionals.

I would like to take you on a short, humorous, journey through my life, spotty CV and hobbies to show you how I leverage each and every one of these on a regular basis in my job as a Quality Engineer and how being the most “me” benefits my team, my company and ultimately the customer.

I hope that through this talk, I can inspire in you some confidence to embrace your unique skill set, however colourful.

There is cabbage involved. I promise you the cabbage is relevant.