Tutorial D

Building Better Teams Through Play

Jenny Bramble

09:00-12:30 CEST Tuesday 13th June

How do we release tension and form the strong bonds that a good team needs to be successful?

As children, we form strong bonds during recess or at play dates. As adults, we lose this sense of companionship and playfulness. Bring it back to your team with targeted fun activities that create a sense of mindfulness, improve skills, and are just downright enjoyable. Team building is the most difficult aspect of leadership – peer or otherwise. One of the best ways to facilitate team building is play!

In this half-day tutorial, we will investigate and play games from different categories targeted toward common issues with teams such as lack of cohesion, inability to handle conflict, unfamiliarity with agile concepts, and more. You’ll walk away with a set of games to help solve problems and who knows – if your team wins, you may take home a prize!