Tutorial E

CSI Testing – A Simulation Game

Adam Matłacz

09:00-12:30 CEST Tuesday 13th June

CSI Testing is a complete framework that helps you turn off the autopilot and become a true-born QA detective. Our work is exactly like the work of a private eye. Sometimes we can lack clues and must use different tools to gather evidence; other times, on the contrary – we are overwhelmed with the information and have to narrow the scope of the investigation to things that matter.

In the simulation game, we will use the CSI Testing framework to conduct an “investigation” on a case study based on an actual production issue I experienced.

Participants will be divided into groups. Each group will be one team of investigators with assigned specific roles. Using the CSI testing framework, they will have to develop a strategy for their investigation, find the root cause of the problem and find the best solution. During their investigation, they will have to gather bits and pieces of information from different people in the project… puzzles, that only when connected together in the correct order, will create a full picture.

The team’s success lies not so much in how well they have mastered the CSI Testing technique but more in how good their critical thinking skills are, how well they master the art of asking good questions and above all… how well the team have cooperated! After all, software development is a social activity, and the success of the project lies not in technology, but in how well people are able to communicate and cooperate.