Track Talk Th10

Dungeons & Dragons: Becoming the Hero of the Sprint

Tara Walton

12:30-13:15 CEST Thursday 15th June

What do coding, testing, and Dungeons and Dragons all have in common? Spoiler alert: strategy. We all know the heavy demands placed on software teams today to code, test, and be a human in this era of remote work. As an automation developer and avid D&D player, I believe that developers and QA can learn a helpful thing or three from my favorite role-playing game.

In our interactive session, I will share 3 pragmatic strategies for how you can learn more about the value of testing in the development cycle, better partner with your QA teams, and spend more time doing what you love. In addition, we will use an evidence-based approach to explore how to continue to improve your collaborative and problem-solving skills, while transforming you into the hero for QA. Grab your dice and roll for initiative, as we level up on a Dungeons and Dragons style adventure in DevOps. Together.