Track Talk W2

Improve your Assertiveness

Marta Firlej

11:00-11:45 CEST Wednesday 14th June

Do you know that feeling when you’re brave enough to say ‘NO’, and then you don’t feel good about it?

During my presentation, we will build a proper understanding of what an assertiveness skill is. We will get to know the definition, and together we will fight some of the myths.

You will get information about Characteristics of Assertive People, and Skills of Assertive People, so you’ll be able to look at this from a perspective of which of the characteristics describe you, and what skills you have to practice.

I will share my personal experience of struggling with my assertiveness skill, and when I practice it.
I will also share which communication skills it’s worth investing in, to improve your assertiveness skill.

You’ll leave the session with a better understanding of your assertiveness skill.