Track Talk F4

Need for Speed – The Many Benefits of Faster Feedback Loops

Jørgen Lund

09:00-09:45 CEST Friday 16th June

We devote a lot of time and energy writing good code accompanied by automated tests, or conducting the best possible test. While doing that, we sometimes overlook a critical factor: Speed! Being able to build and test faster provides a lot of potential benefits:

– Better quality, from being able to go through more iterations in the same time

– Better productivity, from spending less time waiting and providing a stronger correlation between changes to the code and resulting bugs

– Better collaboration between testers and developers, from

In this talk, I will share what I’ve learned about continuous delivery and developer productivity, and how these topics can improve our life as testers. I will show examples of how we have addressed the issues in my project and what benefits we have seen from doing it. And I’ll try to share some advice on how to get started in your project!