Tutorial I

Sharpen the Axe! An Adventure Game about Test Automation

Anne Kramer

13:30-17:00 CEST Tuesday 13th June

You wake up in a meeting. Someone has just said that your regression testing is bad. (In fact, he said something very unpleasant that we won’t repeat here.) You know perfectly well that test automation would help you with this problem. Once again, you make a good resolution to increase the number of automated tests. This is how the adventure begins. Together with your team, you make decisions that affect the course of the game, move forward, encounter expected and unexpected difficulties, and hopefully, in the end, achieve good test coverage through automated test scripts.

In this tutorial, participants will experience in a playful way how to deal with typical challenges in test automation as, for example, unstable test environments, chaotic test libraries and lack of time. The audience will form groups of 8 to 10 persons. The exact course of the game depends on the team setup (a team with 3 POs will have other difficulties than a team without PO), but also on individual strength and weaknesses of the characters, the team’s decisions, and purely on luck. Before the coffee break and at the end we will discuss the experiences with the entire audience.