Keynote 4

The Cyber Security of Smart ‘Adult’ Toys – or Lack of it!

Ken Munro

Jo Dalton

16:45-17:45 CEST Thursday 15th June

This is a challenging subject to cover, as there are some very real social and societal issues around this subject that make it difficult to address in a public talk. I’ll deal with this sensitively.

For example: smart adult toys are widely used in the military, as couples are often separated when posted overseas. These toys allow for an intimate relationship to continue, despite being physically separated. I’m certain that many marriages and relationships have been saved as a result.

However, the poor cyber security of these toys therefore exposes the safety and security of military personnel

Some toys are aimed at the LGBT markets. Homosexuality is illegal in some countries, yet some of these toys expose the exact GPS location of the user to anyone with some very basic hacking skills.

Most of these toys use Bluetooth. It’s possible to identify whether your neighbours are using these devices; all it takes is a mobile phone to discover whether your neighbours or anyone nearby uses them. The degree of privacy invasion resulting from poor security of these toys is quite shocking.

Some toys use Wi-Fi and contain cameras. We’ve shown that it’s trivial to access camera footage.

It’s also possible to remotely take control of these devices in some cases, but that’s not a major issue in my opinion.

Finally, we discovered a smart chastity device some time back. It was possible to take control over the internet and ‘lock’ the device to prevent the user releasing themselves. Again, GPS data of the wearer was available.

There is hope – the manufacturers of these devices are slowly improving their security, but not fast enough in my opinion

I will be bringing a number of these toys with me in order to demonstrate the problems with them.

Hope that works! The talk will be quite edgy & hopefully entertaining, but informative and sensitive too.