Keynote 5

We’re off to Rehab – Communicating in an Isolated & Decoupled World

Anne-Marie Charrett

11:45-12:45 CEST Friday 16th June

At work, remote first has become the new black. Our meetings are now on zoom; our jokes have emoticons, 🥑 and our stand-ups are async. Chatbots remind us to WOL (Work out Loud) or TOL (Talk out Loud).

But it goes further. Technology-wise, our microservices architecture and CI/CD infrastructure demand isolate and decouple our features into micro-stories separating us from our customers. Concepts such as Team Topologies encourage us to divide our teams into stream-aligned customer-facing, platform, or enabling teams.

Our context has changed, and we must learn to adapt as software professionals. We must revisit how we work, communicate, test and build software. Effective communication requires intentional and deliberate design.

What was once a casual chat by the water cooler must be designed purposefully and included in formal meetings. Where you once relied on non-verbal cues, the written word requires more thought; comments must be carefully chosen and tested for ambiguity.

In a nutshell, we need to relearn how we communicate. We need to build collaboration into our systems, understanding that there’s a time when it’s essential but also allowing time for creativity and quietness.

It’s a brave new world. Are you ready to be intentional about it?