Track Talk F1

A Navigation into the Testing Mind: The Enigma of Intuition

Cynthia Zeinoun

Pamela El Khoury

09:00-10:00 Friday 14th June

Ever noticed how effortlessly we can distinguish a circle from a square, almost as if by magic, yet when faced with multiplying 28 by 35, it feels like our brain decides to host a little party of panic, inviting all our forgotten math lessons to come and join the chaos, doesn’t it?

Thinking fast and slow, intuition is different from our logical thinking. Intuition is like a sixth sense that guides us in making decisions without relying on a step-by-step analysis. It is knowing, without knowing why we do.

What sparked our interest in this topic was an initial talk we did about intuition in psychology at Murex. While it was not initially related to testing, we began to experiment with its learnings in our testing activities, becoming more attuned to its influence. Picture tracing a puzzling bug not by algorithm, but by hunch. This is the essence of intuitive testing. At Murex, with millions of lines of code and major releases less than 3 months apart, we adapted our testing strategies to alleviate time and resource pressures.

In this talk, we discuss the impact of informal testing approach, applied at Murex:

  • Utilizing product knowledge to pinpoint unique defects.
  • Prioritizing test cases under time constraints.
  • Adaptable strategies with dynamic adjustments based on findings.


Stories have two sides, acknowledging both the successes and limitations of intuitive thinking. As we delve into this journey, note that intuitive testing isn’t a mystery, but a developable skill. This presentation offers hands-on activities to help you master the effective use of intuition in a structured manner in the fast-paced world of testing.

In this dynamic world, being a tester is an adventure. Intuition is your guide, helping you make crucial decisions.

Let’s learn how to embrace it, master it to elevate your testing game!