Keynote 1

Helping People, Through My Craft

Abigail Cauchi

09:00-10:00 Wednesday 12th June

My journey in a world of purely academic research transitioned to being employed in an online gambling company, with a focus on testing. My goals however, remained the same. Helping people.

I’ve worked on many projects: helping education in rural India; improving medical device design with the aim of reducing error rates & patient harm in hospitals; and on technology for ecological conservation. What inspires me to work for an online gambling company?

Truth be told, until 2016 I was working on academic research contracts, and I had enough with the academic system. The publish or perish nature, the constant battle for funding, constant rejection of academic paper submissions, and the corruption for research funding, were simply not for me.

I initially joined the gambling industry as a quick ‘get me out of here’ from the academic world. I soon found that I was still able to work on things that I enjoy, and actually still help people through advocating for better software.

After some time working in the gambling industry, I found out that we have some very interesting testing challenges. By working here, I have been able to develop my craft, apply testing to new projects; and with the new technologies that we have, I have also been able to develop interesting testing strategies that are tailored to us.

This talk is the story of how I applied my academic background and experience to the gambling industry. I hope that my insights and experiences can help you to apply this thinking to your own work.