Track Talk W3

Being a Test Developer Allows me to Build in Testability

Kristoffer Nordström

10:30-11:30 Wednesday 12th June

Do you struggle with the lack of built-in testability and observability in products you’re testing? Have you found yourself begging developers and project leads to incorporate these features?

This talk demonstrates that adding testability and observability doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With basic coding skills and familiarity with version control systems, you can directly contribute to the system you’re testing.

I’ll share real-world war stories, from how I customised the Linux kernel for a very specific test scenario of the file system, to how I’ve automated test data creation in back-end systems.

There will even be some live coding on-stage to demonstrate querying and interacting with a live system programmatically.

By contributing testability features, not only will you empower yourself, but you’ll also provide tools that your developers will find beneficial. You’ll gain technical skills, build a common language with developers, and improve the depth and quality of your testing. And it really doesn’t have to be that hard.

Finally, I’ll show how my contributions in testability and observability have enhanced not just exploratory testing but also end-to-end automated GUI tests. Far from intimidating your development team, your active contributions will garner respect and open opportunities for collaborative code reviews.

Join this session to learn how minor coding skills can enhance your testing capabilities, adding another skill to you tester’s toolbelt.